E-Commerce Portal

The Challenge

Fitness365 offers Sports Infrastructure and Consumables to schools and children. It wanted to set an commerce portal through with Sports, Fitness and Gaming products can be sold online. Fitness365 engaged Convergent Technologies to run set up the SmoothMart e-Commerce Store for selling sports, fitness and gaming equipments online.

The Solution

Sequoia Fitness and Sports Technology had set up the e-commerce store for Sports, Fitness and Gaming.

For each of the product categories, SmoothMart team studies what our customers need from our store, and then our fulfilment team set their sights on how we can create a better experience  for our customers on the e-commerce portal – richer, more comfortable, more fun, more productive, more convenient, more delightful.

SmoothMart Sports, Fitness and Gaming Store

Range of Products

Offers a range of products to children in the areas related to sports, fitness and gaming.

Multiple Payment Methods

Debit Card, Credit Card and Cash on Delivery

Free Shipping

Free Shipping, anywhere in India