Simplified Data Delivery platform for Brands and E-commerce to exchange product information

The Challenge

SyndicatePlus, Netherlands believes in a world where the latest product information is available to everyone and where the right content always finds its way into the right hands.

SyndicatePlus wanted Convergent Technologies to build an open, self-service platform called which allows Brands and E-commerce to exchange the right information about products.

Accurate and complete product content is hard to find. Foodhouse solves this problem by connecting E-commerce and Manufacturers across an open, self-service product content exchange platform. Access to rich product content – including media, commercial, packaging and more – has never been this easy.

The SyndicatePlus API represents one of the richest open product data sources available to developers. And the best thing is all data usage is free of charge. Get started by signing up to the platform and receiving your first API key. One can also start by trying the API Explorer tool.

The Solution

The solution developed by Convergent Technologies helps Brands, E-Commerce businesses and Developers to access +250.000 consumer products (EAN and UPC)

  1. If any Brand is in need of a simple tool to share rich & validated product content with E-commerce partners, SyndicatePlus offers the perfect solution.
  2. If any company is looking at high-quality, validated product content to power the E-commerce site, SyndicatePlus enables direct sourcing of product content from suppliers.
  3. If any company is looking for product data to power your website or mobile app, they can sign up to SyndicatePlus free API to access +250.000 consumer products (EAN and UPC).

Brands from Heinz, Kraft and Santa Maria use SyndicatePlus to seamlessly share product images, video’s, packaging information, consumer reviews, pricing information and other forms of consumer-relevant content with E-commerce websites and apps. Store, share and track your product content via SyndicatePlus and benefit from the simplicity and connectivity of this online exchange of up-to-date product data.


Hassle-free product content sharing with any website or mobile app

Add Product Data

Add all your products and their corresponding product information.

Create Brand Teams

Create Brandteam and invite your colleagues and agencies to join forces.

View Publishers

Check real-time which websites and apps use your product data.

Add Digital Assets

Upload high-res pack shots, lifestyle images, 3D images and all other digital assets.


GS1 synchronisation

Use SyndicatePlus to import and export data from GS1 DAS.

Add Commercial Content

Enrich product profiles with claims, social media and other commercial content.