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Skill Connect plays a vital role as the Training aspirants go through the process of Selection, Training and Employment. Handholding is done for a given time period to keep track of their performance after which they are set free to perform and grow in their career.

Access to all Stakeholders

SkillConnect acts as a one stop portal for Young aspirants, Training Providers, Training Centers, Trainers and Recruiters which ensures it caters to all of them with desired benefits.


Online Courses and Assessments

With the help of technology, SkillConnect can also be used by organisations to launch Online courses (MOOC) and participants can take online assessments to track their progress periodically.

Reports & Analytics

The platform also provides various reports and related analysis of the Skill development courses to assess the utility of the course, collate feedback, attendance records, batch performance and course effectiveness.

Are you a Skill Development Organisation or a Sector Skill Council looking for a platform to connect with Training Providers, Training Centers, Trainers and Young aspirants, contact us to understand how SkillConnect can help manage all of them better at one place.

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