NIIT Trainer’s Portal

The Challenge

NIIT is World’s leading Education Services company, with offices in 34 countries. NIIT delivers Training Services to Enterprises across India and other countries. To deliver these services, NIIT engages trainers working at NIIT and in freelance/individual capacity with various skill-sets and competence levels.

NIIT engaged Convergent Technologies to develop a comprehensive Trainer’s Portal through with Trainers can be sourced, identified and engaged on different training projects.

The Solution

NIIT Trainer Portal was developed to get NIIT Team, Subject Matter Experts, Project Engagement Managers and Trainers on one common platform. Trainers can enrol themselves and evaluated based on their competency and interest levels. Based on their interest for available training programs and their availability, Trainers can apply for projects. Upon selection, they undertake training sessions, and get paid for the training sessions undertaken.

Companies can outsource their projects to NIIT through this platform.

NIIT Trainer Portal is accessible at functionalities

Connects Trainers, Project Managers and SME on same platform

Apply for Projects

Trainers can apply for specific projects


End-to-end Fulfillment of Training Services